Collin Cole

Collin Cole

Job Title: Digital VP

Company: McKinsey & Company (Austin, Texas USA)

Collin is a 30-year veteran of the design industry. His experience includes leadership roles in strategy, design, technology, and business operations in mature and emerging markets.

Collin founded frog’s digital practice in the mid-1990s, where his teams pioneered many of the human-centered design methods that have become today’s best practices. For nearly 20 years, he led strategic customer engagements while building design and technology teams in the US, EU, Eastern Europe and Asia. His work helped transform companies, industries, and business practices during each new wave of digital technology. Past clients include Disney, Philips, Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Samsung, SAP and Vodafone.

In 2013, Collin founded carbon12, an experience design studio focused on digital product innovation, with studios in the US, India, and Eastern Europe. In 2016, Collin’s carbon12 team joined McKinsey’s fast-growing global design practice.

Speaking at the following:

10:10am - 10:40am
Differentiating through data and design

How do you bring analytical rigour to concretely assess complex customer behaviour whilst creating distinctive products and services that infuse creativity and customer-led thinking? This presentation will explore the intersection of Design and Data as part of the emerging field of Quantified Experience Design. Quantified Experience Design (QED). QED is a big-data driven design process… Read more.